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June 16


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Melany was close to waking up the following morning. Kaa flicked his tongue over Melany's cheek, getting a quick taste of her. His mouth began to water at the taste. She was delicious!
Kaa was hungry, and there was nothing else around to eat. "Oh Melany...You were sssso sssstupid. I hope you enjoy your lasssst momentssss..."
With those words he began to eat his meal. He decided to eat her from the feet up for a change. Maybe it could save her life.
Melany slept I disturbed as her feet entered a hot, wet place. The feeling crept up her legs, making her uncomfortable. Her mind began to break free, and she groaned. "No..."
Kaa had to stop eating her. He couldn't eat her while she was awake. "Sssssshhh, little one. You're in ssssssafe handssss." He locked eyes with her, his own spiraling at dizzying speed. "Jusst ssssleep."
Melany's already half-entranced mind was once again assaulted. 'N-No! I've gotta fight it! If he takes hold of me again....' But her thought was stopped as the spirals once again took over her mind.
"Ssssleep now...You won't feel anything, ssssweetie..."
Melany once again fell asleep.
"Are you ready to enter your final resssssting placccce?"
Melany only let out a tiny, adorable squeak in her entranced sleep, her feet once again entering the same hot, wet place. It began to creep up her body, putting her deeper into the trance.
Kaa took a moment to stop at her belly and lick all over it, loving his meal. This girl was delicious.
Melany fell deeper still as she was eaten.
Kaa was up to her shoulders now. "Any lasssst wordsssss?"
Melany only sighed contentedly. Her final inhalation of air was taken as her head was swallowed.
Kaa smiled happily. "Melany...You were ssssso eassssy. I thought humanssssss were ssssmarter....But you were ssssso ssssstupid..."
Melany's body was having spasms inside Kaa's body. The spasms worsened, and Kaa knew it would soon be over...
Melany's final breath was released into the snake's body.

Melany's Encounter Part 2 of 2by WarriorCatsDream

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Fantasy / Short Stories©2014 WarriorCatsDream
So here it is! Sorry for the delay! It was exactly a month late...
toth8 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
Looks like someone won't be here in the morning. :P
WarriorCatsDream Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student Artist
Lol. I was being too lazy to make a rescue so I just made her die. :P
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